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At a glance, the recipe for Georgian wine is pretty straightforward: you bury a large clay Qvevri underground, place your grapes inside and leave them to transform. The rest is magic, meticulously executed. And, like all great magicians, Georgians are hell-bent on keeping their secrets.

This is the wine of Georgia - a land rich in otherworldly blessings. Winemaking is at the very core of Georgian identity, eternally entwined with the vines growing back 8,000 years.

If there is such a thing as destiny, then Georgians have been destined to be winemakers. Everything that makes a good wine— the grapes, the stories, the drama—comes together in a magnetic, mind-altering blend.

Glekhuri Wine Awards

Glekhuri is at the very forefront of Georgian wine. Beyond the bold rubies and flinty ambers, there is a whole new world of sensations flowing in wait. This is your invitation to take a sip.

  • Decanter Best in Show



  • Decanter Platinum

    Kisi Qvevri


  • IWC Trophy

    Kisi Qvevri


    • Grape

      If making wine is an art form, then grapes are colours on a maker’s palette. They bring depth, richness and dimension to the wine. With just over 500 grape varieties native to Georgia, the possibilities are endless.

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    • Qvevri

      Qvevri is a symbol of rebirth, eternally recurring around us. Charged with wisdom dating back eight whole millennia, it’s buried deep underground and left. When the time comes, wine, full of newborn life, finds its way into a bottle.

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    • Wines

      Teliani Valley attracts and supports Georgia’s most exciting winemakers, giving them everything needed to make groundbreaking, transcendent wines. These are artists at work, and all any good art can do is speak for itself.

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